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Not So Far: Quest for z-dub’s treasure

zack & wiki: quest for a bleeding copy!
we’re all supposed to buy it
but it’s not being sold!

so the past several months, i have supported the rest of us staffers at gonintendo by supporting matt casamassina and the ign nintendo team’s “buy zack & wiki campaign“, going so far as to create custom graphics based on the game assets to promote it on our site. but now that the release date has come and gone, it seems my part of the country was left off the shipping manifest, since nobody around town got them in stock. don’t misread that…the game isn’t sold out, it was never in stock to begin with. i could understand a store here or there being behind on receiving, but the whole metro area? that’s clearly indication of a larger problem.

i won’t go so far as to theorise a conspiracy to counteract the grass roots promotion, but it IS strange how friends around the country have been enjoying the game for days, while my pirate ship is beached far from any shore here in the midwest. hard to actually follow through on what i’ve been helping preach to everyone else and buy a copy if nobody will take my money for one.

on a completely different note, here’s a little poem i scribbled out a couple months ago. i normally don’t provide insight into my writings and instead lean toward readers filling in the blanks for themselves, but this is a piece about the guilt of temptation and the redemption in resisting. enjoy:

Not So Far


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Alter Bridge


indeed. so my new site has been launched for a few weeks now and what have i done with it? let me add a few carriage returns to demonstrate..

…that’s about it.

however, i have been busting ass to visit seattle, do my day job as an art director & designer, and then come home and do my ‘other job’ of helping GoNintendo run. i really need to spend more time relaxing and enjoying the life all my busy-work affords. anyway, as the seasons dosie-do here in minnesota, a few lines pencilled a few months back in the swelter of summer seem fitting, especially since they’ve not yet seen prime time on the site.

Under the Cold Stare

keep tuned for a few game-related stories in the near future.


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Britney Spears

seuss, foos, and your eyes new (poem)

it’s the end of another week… my oh my how the time does fly. crikey.. i’ve been on this seuss-ical binge of unwittingly rhyming almost everything i intend to say. it’s some sort of fun, but i can only imagine how tiring it must get for those around me. but then i was never one to censor myself in favour of expressing someone else’s preference.

speaking of rhyming, i just finished putting some polish upon a poem i’ve been trying to write since the end of last year; and until last weekend up at the lake floating carelessly about in the paddleboat, i just couldn’t get enough substance out of the idea. i’m not going to share my inspiration (or in this case, personal declination) for writing it, but a savvy few might figure it out. again, i write with a strange bipolar specificity where things are both vague or ambiguous enough for anyone to read their own ideas or life experiences in, yet simultaneously explict about a common singularity.

anyway, my ‘listening to’ link below is a pre-release of the new foo fighters album, in your honour, due out in a few weeks, that i’ve been tirelessly listening to the past few days, and can say without a doubt it’s the best album so far this year (despite all my other pre-release copies, including coldplay, black eyed peas, oasis, even better than ezra (which is a great album in its own rite, by the way)); i can’t stress enough how brilliant and listenable it is. be sure to pick up a copy!

new poem: your new eyes

In Your Honor

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In Your Honor
Foo Fighters

nice weekend, two new poems

been another whole week again. and another lovely weekend to enjoy. z is in prime condition after a half-day of washing/waxing/babying yesterday; of course there’s not much to do at that point except drive around town a bit to show off my handiwork, hopefully blinding a few people with glints of sun on the shiny surfaces.

aside from the usual cleaning, laundry, etc. which tends to be the brunt of weekend activities, i managed to get some creative productivity in, completing two whole poems. yes, some people can just whip something out in a few minutes or even an hour; but real poetry is written many times, and meticulous care and detail are put into each word of each revision until complete. this can be from a few iterations to a hundred or more. i wonder how many people will take the time to analyse and interpret these, and then write in to share? i can say they’re both quite a bit more involved and much less direct than the last work; but then again, the last one was never intended to be covert in the first place. anyway… enjoy!

half a world away
freedom’s villain


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Tan Dun