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The most adorable video ever created

I stumbled upon this a couple years ago actually and fell in love with it, while my co-workers looked on in puzzled disapproval. Thanks to my studies, I now actually know pretty much what all the words mean and can sing along, once you put a beer or two in me. In case you’re wondering, ‘hiyoko-gumo’ means baby chick-cloud. Don’t say you weren’t warned; I told you it was adorable.

Edit: YouTube yanked the previous video, so unfortunately this will have to do…

How did everybody vote?

a brilliant little bit from an obscure corner of SNL. a shame things like this don’t get posted on the official site… enjoy while it lasts, i’m sure it’ll be torn down before long.

i would pay CASH for the 12″ mix of this.

the world is full of stupid people?

stupid people in large groups
how morons get cats out of trees

thought of the day: one holiday we need is “calendar day”; a day you can mark on your calendar with utter redundancy and superfluity.

ok strangely enough, i had been working on a little opinion diatribe about how the world seems to be on a hedonistic binge of gorging itself with stupid people, and that has in turn distorted the modern higher education system into a dysfunctional, ineffective, if not completely obsolete relic which has creeped into our economy and perverted what used to be a capable and robust professional workforce. the college degree is now nearly a parody of itself, becoming the thing it was originally created to do: certify that you in fact have intelligence and skills worthy of positive contribution to society.

as it turns out, someone already went to the trouble of writing such a piece, mostly. it focuses more on the problems of the higher education system and how the “pursuit of a college degree” part of the contemporary american dream is becoming increasing futile, and less on stupid people and their effects on the economy, and without my cute attempts at humour that writing about idiots ought to invoke.

america’s most overrated product: the bachelor’s degree

One X

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One X
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man “toons” everyone in an entire yearbook!

yearbookmadness or genius? it’s probably a blend of both, but you have to give the guy credit for doing something different. using his mother’s 1968 high school annual, he lovingly caricatured over a thousand faces now for us to marvel upon. why? who knows, but it’s bloody intriguing if nothing else!

check out the entire project on Flickr:
Excelsior – 1968

that’s all for now…going to be updating my gallery with things soon!

top ten reasons to watch the new season of battlestar galatica

as if anyone should need ANY reason beyond the simple fact that there IS a new season of battlestar galactica.

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Ghosts I - IV

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Ghosts I – IV
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remember when

thought of the day: why don’t we call last week ‘yesterweek’, or yesteday ‘last day’?

oh, and kids say the darnedest things. this is one of the most adorable girls i’ve ever seen.. at first she’s a bit unsure of herself but then in bold confidence takes full credit and pride in her eloquence. “quit bothering me. i SAID ‘frog’!!”