Thought of the day: Photoshop giggles: for the pen tool, P on the keyboard.

Pity that posting to my own blog has come to feel more like a chore than when I first started it eight years ago. Of course this site has been around pre-blog for an additional five to six years, but somehow having more streamlined tools like WordPress to ease the process of updating seems to have an inverse psychological effect where I’d rather wait until something big needs to happen or be posted instead of quickly publishing smaller things of less significance.

Speaking of big, it’s been awhile since the site has had a design refresh. I like the direction, but things need a little facelift. Look for that and some other creative work to be posted soon.

In the mean time, check out a couple panoramas from a visit home earlier this summer:

A panoramic view from the very tip of the dock at our family lake home on Sauk Lake in Minnesota. Looks misleading like it's more of an inlet than a point, but that's just lens distortion.

A southern view across one of the fields at the family farm...

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2 thoughts on “Returning…

  1. SuperMario290

    Yeah that's why I use Tumblr. It's really hard with everything going on in the day to really sit down and dedicate time to write original content for your own blog. So re-blogging and submitting images/videos makes life that much easier lol

  2. cortjezter

    not that the stuff i do get around to posting is all that significant, but i don't know how much of this blog i want to pollute with the random crap i post to my facebook profile :-P

    it was much easier 8 years ago when all i needed to do to get traffic was post new webcam images. </whore>

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